this should imply "the feeling of a person whose attention, concern, or curiosity is particularly engaged by something". but instead symbolizes yet another poorly executed attempt at spelling words by repeat offending misspelling folks.
Ronald G Wainwright+ has no intrest in using the spell checker because he's too busy warding off jabs at his lower than stock 181whp dyno run after all his hard work and performance upgrades.
by derek "derracuda" W January 8, 2008
A very interesting and / or unique musical instrument .
My band has a lot of intrestment's such as the electric-triangle with a whammy bar, a violinjo (banjo/violin), and a saxa-drum.
by bmanus October 15, 2011
canadian yter who mainly plays hypixel skyblock also has long hair and glasses
Male 1: Have you seen Intrests new vid
Absolutely nobody cuz if u watch the guy u have no friends:
by erihrbijbfedberfgbeoj kjerfern September 7, 2022
1. A person that's alway there when something interesting happens.
2. The first person to come to you when something intresting happens.
3. A persons whose life is intersting or interesting stuff always happens.
"When I got on that bungee jump ride Katie was with me. She's definetly an intrestant!"
by TamiLuv August 1, 2014