" sew " is mostly used as a verb. It means to join, fasten, or repair (something) by making stitches with a needle and thread or a sewing machine.

- Also described as a hobby -

Can be used as a phrase too, " to sew something up ", which means to bring something to a favourable conclusion.

Comes from siwan, of Germanic origin, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin suere and Greek suein .
- I was sewing last night and made this lovely purse!

- They had the match sewn up by half-time.
by Grammar's Synonym Roll July 21, 2020
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Last night, I met a guy and we were sewing for hours.
by Doctor McFly August 20, 2007
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Almost impossible to define. Sew is where the impossible becomes possible. Where dreams are dreamt and then achieved. Where the only feeling you can encounter is pure ecstasy. Its gentle hum of pumps and generators bring even the most composed and reserved men of honour to tears, as its sound is so pure and soothing. The landscape is nothing less than staggeringly beautiful, with its pointed iron fences keeping out the non-believers and its litter-filled 'private parking' area which has claimed countless hours of the brave soldiers who have fought there. Sew isn't a place; Sew is a state of mind.
Brown Bear, 'Wagwarn?'
Crowdust, 'Sew?'
Brown Bear, 'Ya dun know'

Tomm, 'Oi wot you saaiiin?'
Chaff, 'Sew tings blud'
Biscuit, 'Im on daaat! Sew hype!'

ADT, 'Liquid DnB'

Mothwood, 'Im a prick'
Bi-Pallum, 'Yes you are, Im going down Sew to meet my friends. You cant come.'
by Crowdust September 20, 2011
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Crazy writer straight out of the hard streets of Philly. Dont mess with this bitch cuz Mod Graffix will fuck your shit up and bomb your house.
by SEWS [MOD GRAFFIX] November 20, 2004
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An insult for Some guy who was poor enough to be born with no dick so has to use a rubber dildo as a cock and sew it on.

An insult for someone who has no dick
John: "Hey Robert, how you doing?"
Robert: "Shut up Sew-On"
by LOLjokeGUY May 5, 2011
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To have under control with complete confidence. Synonymous with the phrase "Got it in the Bag".
Remy: Yo Fetty, you really think you can pick up that bih tonight?

Fetty: Fasho bro, I got this sewed up dog.

Remy: Let's go nigga, bet it.
by D.R.E August 12, 2015
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