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Typical response when your fat Kraut mother lets one rip at the dining room table. Often accompanied by the fat wench lifting a cheek to help it flow.
While eating the wonderful meal of Spaetzle and wurscht, mommy let a wet fart go, and then Roy said "You Got It, Ma".
by Karl December 31, 2005
The T-Virus is a genetically engineered version of the Ebola virus. The Ebola virus kills 90% of its victims however it is inefficient as it kills its victim before it can be transfered to another.

Modification of the Ebola virus with a "founder virus" resulted in the T-virus. It left humans with the ability to move around and infect other people with the virus. It also has mutagenic properties due to the ebola gene being an RNA gene and the "founder virus" being an RNA Virus.
by Karl January 6, 2004
When a man takes a shit on a woman's chest in between her tits, and then proceeds to titty fuck her.
After Samuel took the shit on his girlfriend's chest, he placed his member on the shit and between her breats, and let her have it.
by Karl March 13, 2004
"if you can't spell dendrophiliac, you're a fucking dumbass, Steve," said Karl on his way down the mystery chute.
by Karl June 4, 2003
To make or become blurry
My eyes suddenly became unfocused, and I could see nothing.
by Karl April 12, 2003
an extremely sexy cool short lil asian girl
that girl is such a Minami it gives me a stiffy
by Karl April 26, 2005