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It stands for Kewl Doods Only!!!
No man you can't go.... CDO!!!!
by Karl March 01, 2005
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a very common belief these days. revolves mainly around the idea, "what is right for you isn't right for me". denies that there is truth at all. many relativists realize that mathematical truths cannot be disproven, but they still susbscribe to the idea that multiple opposing ideas can exist in the same realm and still produce no conflicts.
hitler thought it was perfectly fine of him to kill millions of people. obviously, he was a relativist. the people he oppressed obviously didn't have the same veiw, and look at what happened. they were killed.
by Karl June 08, 2004
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religion is the enemy of God. that may have sounded a bit weird, but I define religion as the traditions and rituals (which are often times unessecary) that surround a particular beleif. I personally consider Catholosism to be a religion because they do many activities that are not outlined in the Bible. Religion is a distraction from God.
athiest: are you religious?
guy in question: well, that depends on what you mean by religion. If i say, 'yes' then i become subject to much belittling. If i say no, it would seem as if i do not beleive in god. I'm in a rut!
by Karl May 28, 2004
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Any of the small creatures that live within the nose. "Boogers" within the nostrils is infact Proboscis Weasel shit. "Snot" in the nose is actually urine from the Proboscis Weasel. They cause no other harm than clogging your nasil passage. You're born with them, you die with them, and they live off of nose hairs that have fallen out.
This damn Proboscis Weasel is giving me so many boogers, it pisses me off!

I've been so busy picking out all the boogers my Proboscis Weasel leaves that I forgot to pick up little Betsy from school.
by Karl March 14, 2004
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A Shebanger is the part of a chick's crotch where the grasses grow.
See also: crotch pussy
I need to trim down my shebanger.
by Karl January 23, 2005
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skateboard slang - when the skateboard hits you in the shin... usually not a big deal but hurts like you-know-what for a few minutes. imagine if someone just walked up to you and whacked your shin with the edge of a skateboard... it ain't fun, and it leaves a big purple mark on your leg. after 4 or so years of skating your legs should look like cobblestones, but its all good cause now you are a good skater.
i was just trying a 360-flip and got a mad shinner... it got better pretty quick though.
by Karl July 10, 2004
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