Most interior part of the brain in vertebrates. It helps with the sensory and neural functions.
You must be using your cerebrum to do that.
by ry-chi_ June 6, 2006
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The moment when your brain splits up and fails in memorizing something important, but instead gives you two options which will cause you a huge amount of stress that day, especially when in the office.
John: Hey Bob, I am going to get some coffee would you like some?
Bob: Wait John!
John: ???
John: About what?
Bob: The moment I left the house, I remember taking my phone with me, but I can't find it anywhere!
John: ... So did you lose it somewhere?
Bob: Maybe. Perhaps I just forgot it at home.
John: Yeah... or you lost it on your way to work.

Adam: Hehehe. What a Cerebrum Failure..
by SFromDaOldskool May 18, 2011
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when the government messes up your speech to try to denigrate you, discredit your testimony, or take you to jail.
The cerebrum cork hurt Rick Perry in the polls, minorities in court, and made people that are sober be caught for DUI.
by Coop Dupe January 7, 2020
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