a style of dancing assoicated with psychobilly originated by fans of The Meteors in England known as the crazies who later became known also as the wrecking crew and the kattle. Wrecking involves audience members near the front of the venue near the stage formign a circle bending knees and swinging their arms at eachother in an effort to push others over or away from the center. wrecking frequently results in injury, however the dance is good spirited and a fun activity for all involved. In California this has developed into a punch pit in which audience members simply punch eachtoher in the torso
the wrecking were right mental tonight
by Tom Rowsell May 31, 2007
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to get drunk, beyond drunk, because of a bad day or week
Man, I had three exams today, im gonna get wrecked tonight
by M-City April 22, 2005
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To totally beat or ruin; creme
Oh man!! Dude, he wrecked you!
by Jerad November 29, 2003
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In British slang, usually a place around the corner where teenagers go to get pissed on cheap cider
Oi, me and Benji are heading down the wreck, you coming?
by guns and kitchens May 25, 2020
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1) To really whoop someone physically or verbally; to hand it to them.

When adjectivized ({wrecked}) it becomes a word to describe how messed up someone was becuase of a physical or verbal beating, or sometimes because of substance abuse.
1) When the volleyball team ran the guantlet to initiate their freshmen, Bean picked up a sandal and totally wrecked someone.
2) I totally wrecked my histroy teacher when we debated Fascism vs. totalitarianism.
3) Last night I met up with Mike and smoked a bowl, I was so wrecked that I couldn't find my way back home.
by The General March 28, 2004
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to enjoy completely and thoroughly.
to have a totally complete sexual encounter leaving partner so satisfied that they are unable to move.

Term was first observed in Family Guy while Brian was speaking of Lois to Peter.
While scouting the scene at a club, one guy says to the other, "Would you have sex with her?" Other guy replies, "Oh yea, I'd wreck that!"
by Mesh69inUSA January 12, 2008
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You best check yoself before you wreck yoself
by mkelp September 23, 2003
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