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a style of dancing assoicated with psychobilly originated by fans of The Meteors in England known as the crazies who later became known also as the wrecking crew and the kattle. Wrecking involves audience members near the front of the venue near the stage formign a circle bending knees and swinging their arms at eachother in an effort to push others over or away from the center. wrecking frequently results in injury, however the dance is good spirited and a fun activity for all involved. In California this has developed into a punch pit in which audience members simply punch eachtoher in the torso
the wrecking were right mental tonight
by Tom Rowsell May 31, 2007
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What psycho's do at a psychobilly show. Psychobilly dancing.
Me and my crew went to see the Klingonz at the Wrecker's Ball.
by Subcultural Girl September 05, 2003
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A form of pitting that psychobilly kids do at shoes. It involved punching each other with the forearms, which is usually followed with a slap on the back or a sign of respect.
Hey, will someone tell Bear to stop wrecking!
by Crazy Haley Demons November 13, 2003
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