To ollie by pushing down on the nose of a skateboard.
I can pop nollies pretty high, I'm gonna hammer this stairset now!
by dgeg November 14, 2003
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The opposite of an ollie. Front foot on nose and rear foot in the center of board.
Nollie is the opposite of an ollie, duh.
by Dan the Man February 24, 2005
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P1: dude how many hours has that dude put into MMOs?
p2: all iknow is that he's a huge WoW nollie
by bigbilleboy October 19, 2019
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No friends odd looking loner who’s a less attractive yute
by Rubiii.grace January 23, 2022
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Greatest guy in history. Way cooler than Borni or Zinsi whoses penises are teeny weenies.
Nolli rules Itsibitsiteenweenibornizisnistrandbikini
by the truth about it all yeah! February 3, 2010
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Word used by posh southern ladies when referring to a gentleman's testicles. From nuts + bollocks + goolies.
'The Archbishop of Can-terbury's shoes were so shiny that when he lifted his arms up to crown me Queen of Great Britain and all her Common-wealth Dominions, I could see his big hairy nollies reflected in them.' (HM the Queen, interviewed by Howard Stern)
by Moose McEvil December 6, 2005
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v. To get particularly good at something, typically guitar.
adj. To be particularly good at something, typically guitar.
Named after well-known guitarist Adam 'Nolly' Getgood, i.e. to 'get good'.
*Watching guitarist*
1: Wow, I wish I could play that well.
2: Yeah, you should nolly, man.

*Playing guitar*
1: I'm playing so well today!
2: You're so nolly today.
by Progscast May 20, 2015
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