A dance characterized by striking poses. Originated in the "ball culture" of gay black men in Harlem, which is now present in every major city of the U.S. and internationally. Made famous by Madonna's hit song of the same name...but has existed long before Miss Thing was even famous.
Her vogue is awfully tired, girl.
by Stroll July 1, 2004
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something that is hip, happening, trendy or cool.
she thinks she's just SOOOOOO vogue.
by anonymous March 22, 2005
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A cigarette.

Can be fashioned into other words, such as vogueytown, voguealicious, Jeffery Vogueson, all in reference to cigarettes.
Wanna hit this vogue?
Wanna go to vogueytown?
by MythicOrder August 16, 2010
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The signature selfie pose for thots.
"Wow, that thot's pretty vogue."
by ChrysolitePrime May 23, 2019
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A dance move comprised of a series of poses imitating a model at a photo shoot. Voguing originated in the gay black subculture of ballroom in the 80s and Vogueing became recognized in the mainstream with Madonna’s song Vogue. Voguing made a resurgence with the contemporary TV show Pose.
Did you see that bitch voguing her ass off at the Sound Factory?
by VaporXtravaganza August 6, 2019
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In the current fashion or style.

Doesn't only refer to clothes
Religion is among the broad topics it refers to.
Tight pants are in vogue
by Saraaaaaaaaaaa May 25, 2007
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