High school girl. Comes from “Joshi Kohsei” in Japanese. “Joshi” means “girl”, and “Kohsei” is an alternative form of “Kohkohsei” which means “high school student”.
JK is cute.
by sb0 September 21, 2019
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Stands for ‘just kidding ‘.

Seriously, if you don’t know what JK means, you should go jump off a cliff.
Kid: “Bro, he’s such a stupid dude, I could get him to eat shit without hesitation.”

Above mentioned dude: “What the fuck did you just say about me!!!!!?”

Kid: “JK dude. Chill out, it was only a joke—“

*gets beat up*
by Kirishima Touka February 25, 2018
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3rd generation Jeep Wrangler. Preceded by the YJ and TJ. Began production in model year 2007. Likely to continue until 2016 or so.
Thanks for using your JK to pull my Hummer out of the mud!
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Just Kitten (meow!)

^What exactly is a "kidding?" Nobody ever told you what a "kidding" was. You just immediately are taught to say "Just kidding with you" or "Just kidding." "Just kitten" just MAKES MORE SENSE.
by PhatNotes June 18, 2010
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JK is the new unlimited Jeep model with 4 doors.....
Damn look at the JK flex...
by HeatherHovey May 14, 2008
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A abreveation of "just kidding". Origanated from AOL instant messenger (AIM). Also stated as JK'ing.
person 1:I heard Canada was anexed into the U.S.
person 2:That is the most retarted thing i have ever heard
person 1:Oh, i was JK.
person 1:Oh, i was JK'ing
by MEMAW March 25, 2006
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