44 definition by Kajoe

foul smelling loosely-formed shit.
Greg thought he was going to pinch a loaf, but instead dropped some butt pudding.
by kajoe September 19, 2006

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Bullshit Hurricane Season occurs in the United States from about mid-summer until election day every year. Every four years there is a marked increase in the severity of Bullshit Hurricane Season, this event coincides with the Presidential Elections. Bullshit Hurricane Season consists of:
-Mud-slinging political television ads which pile up the bullshit higher and deeper each day.
-Debates that include insults and character attacks
-Talking heads on TV and radio "personalities" who dissect and examine every piece of irrelevant minutiae
We are in the middle of Bullshit Hurricane Season so I will not be watching TV until the second week of November. I will be watching DVDs instead.
by kajoe August 28, 2008

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Weighing over two hundred pounds.
Denise is easily busting a deuce.
by kajoe September 19, 2006

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The artificial manufacturing of the universe's most precious creation, vagina -- if god made anything better than pussy, he has kept it for himself. The Frankengina is a similar perversion of god's intent as the one described in the sci-fi classic "Frankenstein."

A Frankengina is created by taking a real working dick and turning it into a non-working, fake pussy. Then the excess/left over penile and scrotal tissue is used to manufacture artificial beef curtains that still smell and taste like ballsack when you're munching them.
Just the nauseating/horrific thought of being tricked into going "downtown" on a Frankengina is enough to swear off being a "vagitarian forever."
by kajoe March 06, 2007

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a person who is always sick and spreads their germs where ever they are.
Alan is such a human petri dish. He always has a cold and sneezes all over the place.
by kajoe August 19, 2008

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The slowest or last hiker in the group when hiking in bear country.
Chris if you don't stay with the rest of the group you might become lunch meat.
by Kajoe September 04, 2006

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Feculent open dirt ditches in remote rural settings in Asia where one urinates or defecates.
While in Japan, Dwain ate some local/exotic aquatic life form -- something that immediately didn’t like it’s new home and had such a pressing appointment to get back to spawning in the local estuary –- that his normally strong anal sphincter muscles had absolutely no hope of delaying it’s release till a more convenient moment back at the military base. Loathe as he was to defecate in the open air public binjo, there he was--hurriedly settling into the “Binjo-Squat” position for what promised to be a taint-ripping, crowd-drawing, precipitous delivery of a tsunami of diarrhea.
by kajoe April 29, 2008

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