To get rejected, declined, especially when your hopes are up.
I asked out this guy but he shut me down. Fuck him.
by Tiffany January 5, 2004
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Slang to mean something was done incredibly well or something was done astoundingly in a notable way.
We pulled up to the party last night and we totally shut down.

Michael Jordan always shut down on the court back in the day.
by non_stop_jayjay January 19, 2016
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You are living a great life, your wife and kid are heathy, you have an interesting job, nice house, but you also have troubles to feel anything else than sadness.

You feel emotionally down but still cannot cry unless it is safe to let it all out.

You are shut down.
Mrs Over-Elaborate was out there on a date with her new boyfriend and Mr. Busy was at home. His wife was sick and so was his daughter. He was lying in a separate room thinking about Mrs. Over-Elaborate.

The whole year was one big rollercoaster ride. They both enjoyed the time together and were missing the other half when separated. Before they got too emotionally attached to each other they never planned future together. When Mrs. Over-Elaborate got to a point, where she could no longer just continue this romance and wanted to move on so that Mr. Busy could return home and they both could go their separate way, Mr. Busy could not just let her go... and there it all started.

She spent over a month feeling sick at home surrounded by family and friends trying to sort things out in her head and in her heart, until she got to a point when she could contact him again to check if they can be friends again.

He tried to get things at home to normal, but even though his wife was very nice to him and his loving daughter kept showing him, how much she loved him, he could not let Mrs. Over-Elaborate go.

Exactly on those days such as the one mentioned above, Mr. Busy felt shut down. No matter what he did, he could not honestly laugh. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get Mrs. Over-Elaborate out of his head. He remembered when he took Mrs. Overelaborate to the cinema for the first time and instantly felt like crying, but no matter how much he wanted, no tears have come out...
by Mrs. Over-Elaborate September 12, 2023
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To be shut down is similar to being burnt (see 'burn'). This occurs when the first party is keen to do something, but the second party does not want to do it with that person, so they 'shut them down'. More often than not this happens involving trying to pick up with people of the opposite sex.
Greg: "Hey sweety, will you go out with me"
Laura: "I'd really like to, but I don't think we can"
.... Greg just got SHUT DOWN!
by Gav800 September 5, 2005
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A perfect comeback when told to shut up... Using this can increase your sex time and confidence. You will become a smart Ass after telling this person to shut down once they tell you the shit up.
Bully-“Shut up pussy”

Victim-“No, why don’t you Shut Down
by Real nibba 805 October 27, 2020
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Shut Down can be used in many ways, one of them is to make fun of someone's misfortune or followed after a perfectly executed roast to decimate your opponents will to live. Anything works with this a house being destroyed shut down
A boy dropped his icecream in the street so i shouted shut down to shut him down.
by Daddy Adrian April 7, 2019
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