A facebook game in which players comment "BANG" on pictures of people doing duck faces.
Sam: BANG!
^that was some nice duck hunting right thurr.
by antiduckface123456789 January 30, 2012
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a way to talk about sex but not actually show you are talking about fucking

an alternative to the word fucking (verb)

comes from fuck cunt.... duck hunt
yo baby, wanna go duck hunting

i duck hunt by myself to videos on the internet
by spandexboycdubbs March 20, 2008
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In "Weetzie Bat" by Francesca Lia Block, Weetzie and Dirk refer to duck hunting as the search for potential boyfriends.
Yo, Angela, wanna go duck hunting tonight?

That bitch, her duck hunting ruined my relationship with my boyfriend.
by weetziebat April 13, 2009
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A junky slang term for injecting heroin. Duck hunting = shooting = injecting heroin. Often used when two colluding heroin users wish to speak of their habit without the third party being aware.

Person A: "Are you going duck hunting tonight?"
Person B: "Sure am. Wanna tag along?"
Person A: "Yeah, it'll be great. I'll bring some money."
Person C: "What the fuck are you two talking about?"
by DuckHunter December 4, 2013
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A great game for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) that was revolutionary in a gun games.

The first gun game ever for home consoles, the player would shoot down ducks as your dog would capture what you killed.

The game featured one duck (easy mode) and two ducks (hard mode) and as the player progressed to the next level, the ducks would get faster and harder to hit.

Their was also a clay shooting game for those who didn't like killing ducks, lol. But that wasn't as popular.

Their have been rumours that their is an ending to Duck Hunt, but as far as I am concerned, their is no end. You can be on level 1,000,000 and keep going. But maybe their is an ending, who knows?
Duck Hunt opened the doors for gun games that we enjoy today.
by Quack! January 4, 2005
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A phrase you use when you or someone are looking for something.
P1: Have you found those pair of socks?
P2: No, I’m still on the duck hunt.
by Mambi23 June 23, 2022
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The hidden way of saying the cunt.
Oh my god... did you see duck hunt on Snapchat today??
by em2020 March 11, 2017
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