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Magi are "wise men" (wise people) such as those who followed the star to Bethlehem to find the 'king of the Jews"

(Jesus/Yahshua) to worship Him as told in Matthew chapter 2:1-12. Most scholars say they were "Zoroastrian" priests (priests of the deity Ahura Mazda).
Magi came to see the baby Jesus (Yahshua). Does that mean that Ahura Mazda and Yahweh Elohim are the same deity?
by Kahdlibber October 9, 2017
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Originally meant "of the Magi" or "Magi like" Magi being "wise men" (see Matthew 2:1-12), hence "wisdom".
Grandpa is really wise. He is truly magic!
by Kahdlibber October 9, 2017
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What you get when you close your mouth while vomitting.
Ted shot some nasalpuke down his shirt.
by Kahdlibber October 12, 2017
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Bill and Linda were kiiiissssiiiing, their braces locked, hi Billlinda!
by Kahdlibber October 12, 2017
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This is what you type when you are talking about THEM, yea, some of you know WHO I mean. That way THEY can't track you down through THEIR internet word search engine and assasinate you for telling people the Truth about THEM.
Now, remember, this aluminum oddity code is our little secret. Don't tell anyone unless they are Pariotic Freedom Fighters. If you are not, there is nothing to read here, move along.
by Kahdlibber October 15, 2017
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Because of Global Warming, we will all eventually have to move to Antarctica!
by Kahdlibber October 24, 2017
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