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When your heart feels like it is having a panic attack while simultaneously being stabbed with a knife. Typically your eyes will either start releasing the pain through tears or the pain will just build up inside your body until you have to scream really loud in order to relieve yourself of the emotional burden. You will most likely want to hug the person that made you feel this horrible feeling, but, unfortunately, you are alone and sad and scared and have to deal with the pain by yourself.
The sadness I feel right now is sucking down my heart like a vacuum and making it unbearable to be alive.
by heartisinpain123 April 12, 2015
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an emotion that can be discribed as a pain felt in the heart, or like you are going to implode. can come with the reaction of tears. some people tend to like to stay in dark rooms when under the influence of sadness, others seek desperatly for somone to confide in. some of the symtoms of sadness are crying, cutting, isolation, desperation, frowning, overeating, undereating, and millions of other ways you can cope with it. after effects can vary from headaces and puppy faces to bleeding wrists and hospital visits. the best treatment is laughter, or an embrace from someone you care deeply about.
when her father left, cristan was engulfed in sadness.
by Toriv January 07, 2006
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The feeling of misery/melancholy/depression that we all feel at some point, that is painful, yet necessary for us to feel the opposite, happiness.
I was overcome by sadness when my puppy died, but I knew it was times like this that made it possible for me to feel happiness.
by MrCuddles September 10, 2006
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One of the many emotions that defines us as complex human beings. Sadness brings us together, tears us a part and challenges our capacity and will to live.
me, you, us. unrequited love... sadness and madness!
by lolololololololol March 21, 2008
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A castle, dark and broken down, built higher only by the one who pays to build it. When it becomes longer than the brighter one in front of it, the sun won't be able to reflect on the darker one or the brighter one, and you'll have to save up money to build up the brighter one more.
"It'll be over soon." She answered, climbing up the long stairs. She casts a long gaze over to the windows, looking across the dark field. "Do you see the sun?"

"You never see the sun in Sadness."
by Nivid May 08, 2017
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