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Origin: Latin

An admonition given in Latin clases in English speaking countries. Its literal translation, if not in English, is nonsensical, but in English is "Never Where Under Where." SUSU is often found as grafiti in the more educative schools.
by KD5PBO April 30, 2006
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An acceptable way to ask whether a seat, bench, etc. is taken when dealing with whom the only language one has in common is Spanish. Asking ¿Puedo sientarme aquí? might have bad consequences.
Loser Gringo: ¿Puedo sientarme aquí?
Cute Hispanic girl: *Whacks Loser Gringo*
Froody Hitchhiker: ¿Stacupado?
CHG: *Kisses Hitchhiker*
by KD5PBO March 15, 2006
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Long underpants worn in the cold to keep the legs warm.
I'm wearing longjohns because it's snowing.
by KD5PBO March 3, 2006
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Forum in which one posts when help is needed. They come in two varieties, useful and windoze. Below is an example of a windoze help forum.
Topic: i neeeeeed help!!!!!!!!!!
Topic Starter: Windoze user
i neeeeeedd heelp!!! i use windoze xp i think it might be 2000 id dosnt matter b/c my skreen just broke and i cant see anything i am typing this on another comupter i need help because if my mom findz out she will kill me how do i fix it the screen is borken...

... and so on.

Keep in mind that there are useful help forums out there too.
by KD5PBO March 2, 2006
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A new feature released in Mac OSX 10.4 which allows users to use a number of widgets. Activated by hitting F-12 or FN+F-12, it is often envied by users of Microsoft Windoze.
I just put the latest widget on my dashboard.

The weather in angola? Let me check my dashboard.
by KD5PBO March 2, 2006
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The act of pulling somebody else's pants down to cause embarrasment.
When Stuart leaned over, I gave him a droopy drawers.
by KD5PBO March 4, 2006
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One who will go to great lengths to cuddle; is not seeking anything sexual; is not very particular about the one with whom he or she cuddles. Often most active in cold weather.
Guy One: Did you see Pat and Lisa cuddling the other night.
Guy Two: Yeah, and Pat and Steve the night before.
Guy One: What a cuddlewhore.
by KD5PBO March 2, 2006
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