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Repeat this, do this again. Comes from arithmatic (Quantity) x 2. Often used in music to mean Sing it again
Jingle Bells,
Jingle Bells,
Jingle all the way.
Oh, what fun
it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh!
by KD5PBO March 02, 2006
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Long underpants worn in the cold to keep the legs warm.
I'm wearing longjohns because it's snowing.
by KD5PBO March 03, 2006
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One who will go to great lengths to cuddle; is not seeking anything sexual; is not very particular about the one with whom he or she cuddles. Often most active in cold weather.
Guy One: Did you see Pat and Lisa cuddling the other night.
Guy Two: Yeah, and Pat and Steve the night before.
Guy One: What a cuddlewhore.
by KD5PBO March 02, 2006
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Doing something dangerous. Often used as a warning.
Guy A: I'm going to flirt with that girl.
Guy B: You know she's going out with the captain of the football team, right?
Guy A: Yup.
Guy B: You're dancing with the devil's wife.
by KD5PBO March 21, 2006
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Not to be confused with a Windows User or Windoze Luser, this is a person who uses Microsoft Windoze and has very little idea of what's going on with his computer. Has one of many characteristics (not an exhaustive list):

1. Total reliance on Daddy for anything technology related. (See Princess)
2. Obnoxious posts in help forums. (See example)
3. Inability to admit the existance/grooviness of other operating systems.
4. Dislike of learning or anything new, especially compiling.
5. Can't/Won't fix anything.
6. Starts Flamewars over piddly things.
7. Uses AOL.
8. Unwilling/Unable to use proper grammar or spelling.
1. Techie: What operating system do you have?
Windoze user: I don't know, daddy got it for me.

2. Thread Topic: Help ME PLZZ!!!!!!
yesterday my computer stoped i dont know how to fiks it i use itunes i have a paper do tomorow and if i dont do it i will CRY!!!!!! help me plz!!!!!!!

3. You use Linux? Nobody uses Linux! You Suck!

4. Edit a makefile? I never had to do that before!

5. (See example 2)

6. xchat Sucks!!!! LiNuX SuXz0rZ!!!!!!!!!!!

7. (See example 2)

8. (See example 2)

--Windoze User
by KD5PBO March 02, 2006
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A Mac user (OSX 10.4+) who fills up the dashboard with widgets, of which many, or at least some, are unnecessary or ridiculous. Most common among new Mac users, particularly recently converted windoze users. Commonly, but not always, characterized by cuteness or bouncyness.
Girl One: What time is it?
Girl Two: Let me hit F-12.
Girl One: What is the weather in Rome?
Girl Two: I'll check my dashboard.
Girl One: Who was the seventh president of Malawi?
Girl Two: I have a widget for that.
Girl One: What a widgetwhore.
by KD5PBO March 02, 2006
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Forum in which one posts when help is needed. They come in two varieties, useful and windoze. Below is an example of a windoze help forum.
Topic: i neeeeeed help!!!!!!!!!!
Topic Starter: Windoze user
i neeeeeedd heelp!!! i use windoze xp i think it might be 2000 id dosnt matter b/c my skreen just broke and i cant see anything i am typing this on another comupter i need help because if my mom findz out she will kill me how do i fix it the screen is borken...

... and so on.

Keep in mind that there are useful help forums out there too.
by KD5PBO March 02, 2006
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