What to talk about when you meet your neighbor early in the morning by the mailbox in your pajamas and can't think of anything else to say. Weather precedes "the kids".
Bob: The weather is nice today, isn't it?
John: Yes, it is.
Bob: ...
John: ...
(awkward silence)
Bob: So how are the kids?
by Oracle Almighty November 29, 2010
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adj. or verb used to describe someone who has not aged well.
Dude, did you see Heather, she has really weathered.
by citizendc December 30, 2009
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Weather is the thing that makes blighty so unbearable. In blighty weather is terrible all the time, so much so that many people choose to move abroad or simply jump into the ocean and try to swim to another country. The general weather pattern acorss the United Kingdom is rain, rain, rain. Then a cold front. Then rain, rain, rain. Then freezing winds and snow. Then rain, rain, rain. The Roman Emperor Caeser once abandoned his quest to rule Britain because of the weather, and during the second world war the Luftwaffe were defeated in the Battle of Britain because the steel that made their aeroplanes rusted within minutes of coming into contact with British weather.
Tim: "How's the weather?"
Jerry: "You know, sunny!"
by Jamie Douglas September 1, 2006
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To prepare oneself for the outdoors by adding or removing layers of clothing.

In wintertime, the word "winterize" may be used, instead, to more specifically define the act of preparing oneself for the cold winter weather outside by putting on one's coat, hat, scarf, boots, and/or gloves.
Sam and his friends are about to go outdoors, but he hasn't finished getting himself ready clothing-wise.

Sam to his friends: "Hold on guys... I still need to weatherize!"
by supernova4 December 18, 2011
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Anything other than a typical forcast.

An atmospheric environmental occurance that you actually notice.
The night before, near Abu Gharib (Iraq), it went from the usual dead calm to a pretty stout 20 knot blow from the West. That night it rained pretty heavy, and the whole next day was pretty windy. Other than that there's been essentially no weather.
-e-mail log from Prometheus Towers/Berg

Any weather up there?
by Luke D Lorenz January 18, 2004
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what old people always talk/moan about.
"bloomin' rain, it's so miserable out there"
"it's baking today, can't stand it when it's this hot"

...no-one cares.

by Dr.Nathan Harding October 26, 2010
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adj. Worn, stained, or warped by or as if by exposure to weather; seasoned: a roof of weathered shingles.

Yo mamma's face is real weathered because she's been outside too much
by Rokhsanna December 19, 2005
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