don't proceed any further or seek early death
Person: Nig________
Twitter: *apeshit*
Person: Nignon Édouard
Twitter: *dies sfx*
by niggapilled January 26, 2021
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1: derived from the word nigger. an awesomely derogative word toward black people.

2: a friend.
1: look at that fuckin nig acting like a, well, a typical nigger.

2: Yo nig, you tryin to chill tonight?
by vivalablink92 August 29, 2008
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- an unfortunate event, being screwed over

getting screwed over = getting nigged

screwing somebody over = nigging them

the screw over itself = nig

particularly when someone has found something that benefits them in some way, and another manages to take the benefits for himself
I found a penny on the ground, you took it, you nigged me.
I need a cigarette, mind if I nig your last smoke?
by York March 28, 2004
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When ya tryin to use your new N word pass but you accedentially press return
person 1: why are you so retarded.
You: NIG
person 1: yep, retarded.
by A psuedonym for memers February 11, 2019
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To have an mishap pertaining to one being put into a unfortunate situation.
1. When we went down to the shore, Sheronda nigged me out of 45 bucks.

2. On the drive home, I had the feeling I was being nigged.

3. Kev- Hey, Joey, can I bum a cig?
Joey- No!
Kev- Are you niggin me?

4. I got nigged.
by Joseph Cosello June 8, 2005
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A multi-purpose noun, verb, or adjective. Can be used to describe an object that is weird or strange. Can be used as a verb when someone fucks up royally. As an adjetive it can be used to describe someone who does outrageous things or just messes things up a lot or an object that is strange. Basically used for whatever you want it to mean like the word dude.
-Dude you just nigged the shit out of that. instead of you messed that up.
-You are the biggest nig, you just smoked 9 cigarettes at once.
-That is one nig of a hat, it has an electric propeller.
by Biggest Nig February 19, 2004
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To rip someone off, particularly during the purchase of drugs (usually marijuana) from a friend or dealer.
Buyer: "Dude, there's no way this bag is a whole ounce."
Dealer: "Sorry, man... I didn't mean to nig you like that."
by Jonas094 November 19, 2005
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