43 definitions by Juice

An extremely large penis. Used to describe the slosh made of a woman's reproductive organs.
I laid her down by the fire and proceeded to use the gut scrambler to rule that twat.
by Juice March 08, 2005
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Someone who is on a roll not giving one f*** about life.
He was in Vegas for 3 nights gettin it!
by Juice May 29, 2014
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the act of receiving oral sex or a "domer" while having laundry detergent and water lathered on to the male counterparts penis, followed by the female counterpart giving the oral sex or "domer"
"Yo Dawg, last night this biatch wanted to get kinky, so i was like ,how bout' a foamer domer!" Tyrone

"Damn dawg your dick must be sparkling clean now!" Jerome

by Juice March 20, 2003
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someone that is extremely gay, and is often found dancing gayly and/or tossin a pen, and occasionally suckin' some dick
"Dude, what're you doin' take that dick out of your mouth and stop bein' such a fornier"
by Juice March 20, 2003
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a term describing the action of receiving oral sex or "getting head" followed by the male counterpart inserting his semen "shooting his load" into the female counterpart's mouth, and then take's a step back and KICKS HER IN THE THROAT! before the female counterpart can swallow "the load" making her choke and regurgitate the semen from her mouth
"Yo dawg, last night this trick ass ho was goin down on my shit and i field goaled that bitch" Tyrone

"OH SNAPS DAWG, you's a straight up pimp homie" Jermaine
by Juice March 19, 2003
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nice version for bullshittin
You aint got my money?Aw u bullin!
by Juice June 27, 2003
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