41 definition by Juice

no balls, cowardly
man that dude is a pussy. he gotta lackabeans
by juice November 03, 2002

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n: A popular techni- rock band formed in Tampa, Florida. Their new album The Sounds of Sexified Eroticness will be released in August of 2005.
Bro did u hear, The Sexifiers are coming to town!
by juice April 03, 2005

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Short for Homo Fag Queer
....hey guys lets goto the disco
by Juice January 04, 2005

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the act of receiving oral sex or a "domer" while having laundry detergent and water lathered on to the male counterparts penis, followed by the female counterpart giving the oral sex or "domer"
"Yo Dawg, last night this biatch wanted to get kinky, so i was like ,how bout' a foamer domer!" Tyrone

"Damn dawg your dick must be sparkling clean now!" Jerome

by JUice March 20, 2003

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used to describe something so amazing that it is hard to comprehend how amazing it really is
"Hey how was the show?" Guy 1

"Dude, it was so amazing, it was thrice man, you missed it." Guy 2
by JUice March 23, 2003

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a term describing the action of receiving oral sex or "getting head" followed by the male counterpart inserting his semen "shooting his load" into the female counterpart's mouth, and then take's a step back and KICKS HER IN THE THROAT! before the female counterpart can swallow "the load" making her choke and regurgitate the semen from her mouth
"Yo dawg, last night this trick ass ho was goin down on my shit and i field goaled that bitch" Tyrone

"OH SNAPS DAWG, you's a straight up pimp homie" Jermaine
by JUice March 19, 2003

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white milky ejaculate fired from the penis, usually down a womans throat
she sucked me until i blew a huge steamy wad in her mouth .... bitch swallowed every drop :)
by juice November 03, 2002

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