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VDS is an acronym for Violent Dink Shaking. Violent Dink shaking has long been thought to occur only in West Polynesia, however, this is not true. Dink shaking has long been a tradition of the Dink tribe which can be traced back to the late to mid 600s BC, also known as the "Dink Age." At first the tribe only practiced Dink shaking but after time it evolved into a violent act and has been ever since.
The exact date of this transition has not yet been discovered but it is widely believed that it was sometime around 1989-1990. It was at this time that the four Dinks were born. For more on the four Dinks and their identity please look up dink and find the definition about 4 people submitted by club4.
VDS can be used in many ways. It has also been used at times as just DS, to signify the non-violent variety of Dink Shaking, often used in peace keeping.

1. The re-written lyrics to "The Real Slim Shady" - Eminem.
I'm Slim Dinky yes I'm the Real Dinky, all you other Slim Dinky's are just VDS-ing. So won't the Real Dink Shaker please DS, please DS, please DS.

2. In response to a poor call by a sports official.
"Oh come on, that is total VDS!"
by Juice February 28, 2005
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VFS is an acronym for the action of Violent Fist Shaking. Violent Fist Shaking is also closely related to Violent Dink Shaking, VDS. Violent Fist Shaking is the rapid movement of one's fist in a back-and-forth motion, often accompanied by the shouting of "Yesssss!"

In instant messaging *VFS* can be used to signify the users action. *VFS* can also be accompanied by "Yesssss!"

The action of VDS can also be used in place VFS.
1. Yesssss!

In instant messaging:
2. <Dink> Yesssss! *VFS*
by Juice March 02, 2005
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The backwords spelling for Dark Zero, and also the alias of a man named Daniel Wu. A want to be gamer, who isn't very good at Starcraft or Counterstrike.
orezkrad, man he sucks at bw
by Juice September 20, 2003
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n: A popular techni- rock band formed in Tampa, Florida. Their new album The Sounds of Sexified Eroticness will be released in August of 2005.
Bro did u hear, The Sexifiers are coming to town!
by Juice April 03, 2005
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