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good, cool , the desired outcome
you got the tickets? COOL BEANS!
by juice November 03, 2002

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to receive oral sex while driving a motor vehicle, usually on the interstate, but always more interesting while in heavy traffic
she was giving me road head and i almost caused a pile up when i blew my wad
by juice November 03, 2002

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1.) when you receice numerous phone calls in a short period of time.
2.) anytime someone is calling your cell phone.
1.) Man, your blowin' up tonight.
2.) Hold on a sec, I'm blowin' up.
by juice November 12, 2003

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The act of a person being an ass hat.
Stop it with your ass hattery!
by Juice November 09, 2004

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If pirates were to use EVER in a sentence .
We are the best pirates EVARRR!
by Juice November 09, 2004

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A derogatory metaphor used to insult someone's intelligence level and comprehension of common sense, comparing their IQ to that of a box of hair, which--all things equal--should have an IQ of zero.
That nuthugger would probably be smarter if her brain was replaced with a box of hair. Wait, probably not.
by Juice March 08, 2005

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An insult referring to either the stupidity/low intelligence of another, or the uselessness of an idea, remark, or person.
Other than giving a mean blowjob and wasting money on food for me, that nuthugger is worth about as much as a bag of hammers.

When she opens her mouth, it sounds like someone just dropped a bag of hammers on a cold, concrete floor.
by Juice March 09, 2005

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