Have a drink of alcohol. Frequently heard in the HBO show The Wire.
"hey lieutenant, come have a taste"
"did you two stop for a taste?"
by ebanddownfan April 14, 2019
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When someone says you have good taste in music, what they mean is:

1. "You like the exact same music I do, so you must like good music"

2. "I'm mainstream as fuck, and you seem indie, so you must be like a music god"

3. "I don't have anything else nice to say about you, so I'm going to pretend that the music you listen to isn't shit."
1. You like Radiohead? You have good taste in music!

2. Oh, I've never heard of that band. But you have good taste in music.

3. Any guy would be lucky to date you! You're pretty, and, uh, smart. And, uh, you have good taste in music."
by Skaska March 8, 2009
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Knowing that Sweet Victory is the superior Spongebob song
Having taste is knowing Sweet Victory is so much better than Ripped Pants
by Garrett Williams June 7, 2020
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To like expensive things you can't possibly afford.
R- Oh, those Jimmy Choos are gorgeous! I must have them, I must!
S- Uh, I'm not sure about this...come over here and check out this tag...
R- Holy Hoorj! I can't afford this!
S- *sigh* You've got a champagne taste on a beer-bottle budget, RatchetBoo...
by Shawn B. October 24, 2003
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