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A derogatory metaphor used to insult someone's intelligence level and comprehension of common sense, comparing their IQ to that of a box of hair, which--all things equal--should have an IQ of zero.
That nuthugger would probably be smarter if her brain was replaced with a box of hair. Wait, probably not.
by Juice March 08, 2005
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To give such deep and constant tonque that you have to breathe thru your ears
I want a man who can breathe thru his ears.
by Juice December 12, 2004
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An insult referring to either the stupidity/low intelligence of another, or the uselessness of an idea, remark, or person.
Other than giving a mean blowjob and wasting money on food for me, that nuthugger is worth about as much as a bag of hammers.

When she opens her mouth, it sounds like someone just dropped a bag of hammers on a cold, concrete floor.
by Juice March 09, 2005
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1.) when you receice numerous phone calls in a short period of time.
2.) anytime someone is calling your cell phone.
1.) Man, your blowin' up tonight.
2.) Hold on a sec, I'm blowin' up.
by Juice November 12, 2003
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a term used to describe "getting some"
syn. pussy
Aww yeah dawg i got me some beefcake!
by Juice March 18, 2003
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to receive oral sex while driving a motor vehicle, usually on the interstate, but always more interesting while in heavy traffic
she was giving me road head and i almost caused a pile up when i blew my wad
by Juice November 03, 2002
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Don't pay attention to the first defintion, that guy totally ripped me off. I created the word NigNug. It is actually not a racial slur, so to speak, but a McDonalds chicken nugget that can talk, and has the facial features and ebonic speech as an African American man. Their favorite sauce to be dipped in is BBQ or Rock sauce. (made from Cocaine, baking soda, and pickle juice.)

It can also be used as a term of endearment for a friend or family member.
Example #1:

Juice: "Yo, let me get a 6-piece NigNug and some honey to dip em' in, bitchface."
NigNug: "You bettah nawt be dippin' my ass in no honey. Sticky ass shit, I'll whoop your ass you whitebread muthafuckah."
Juice: "Damn, NigNugs are picky."

Example #2:

"Yo, hand me that lighter so I can spark this pipe, my nignug"
by Juice March 29, 2005
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