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n: A popular techni- rock band formed in Tampa, Florida. Their new album The Sounds of Sexified Eroticness will be released in August of 2005.
Bro did u hear, The Sexifiers are coming to town!
by juice April 03, 2005
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used to describe something so amazing that it is hard to comprehend how amazing it really is
"Hey how was the show?" Guy 1

"Dude, it was so amazing, it was thrice man, you missed it." Guy 2
by juice March 23, 2003
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To give a girl wut she wants when she dont even want u
Don't save that hoe.
by juice June 27, 2003
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A man that can't be beaten at anything or a very skilled athletic man who dominates every venture he sets himself to do

A man describe to have the following attributes, the powers of superman the mind of a savant with the social skills of a super spy in any given situation
John; I hate playing with him or against him but more against him
Sam; why

John; he is an Andronicus like the rain man meets superman meets 007
by juice July 17, 2014
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