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Don't pay attention to the first defintion, that guy totally ripped me off. I created the word NigNug. It is actually not a racial slur, so to speak, but a McDonalds chicken nugget that can talk, and has the same facial features and ebonic speech as an African American man. Their favorite sauce to be dipped in is BBQ or Rock sauce. (made from Cocaine, baking soda, and pickle juice.)

It can also be used as a term of endearment for a friend or family member.
Example #1:

Juice: "Yo, let me get a 6-piece Nig Nug and some honey to dip em' in, bitchface."
Nig Nug: "You bettah nawt be dippin' my ass in no honey. Sticky ass shit, I'll whoop your ass you whitebread muthafuckah."
Juice: "Damn, NigNugs are picky."

Example #2:

"Yo, hand me that lighter so I can spark this blunt, my nignug"
by Juice March 29, 2005
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what you do to someone who is being dumb
Shut the hell up before I pimpslap you
by Juice April 26, 2003
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The backwords spelling for Dark Zero, and also the alias of a man named Daniel Wu. A want to be gamer, who isn't very good at Starcraft or Counterstrike.
orezkrad, man he sucks at bw
by Juice September 20, 2003
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don't eat it, beat
if u put a "b" on that eat, it'll be beat.

also works for "m": to meat it
and "s":get a seat off in that(when u dont wanna hit, u jus wanna relax in it)
U betta put a "b" on that eat
by Juice June 27, 2003
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a. the worst player in the game, typically marked by glowing green and having his/her name changed to "green bish"

b. a phrase typically used when one does not want to be slain by an admin
a. green bish!

green bish?
1. yes
2. no
by Juice December 06, 2003
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taint your balls and taint your asshole
stinky stip of skin between balls and asshole
by Juice November 12, 2003
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