noun - Usually an occurance during a one night stand; the business meeting takes place when, upon entering the bedroom, both parties are nude at a strikingly fast rate and go immediately into sex. There is no foreplay. This is straight fucking. Also, one of the parties leaves immediately after as no one hangs around the conference room after a business meeting.
Yeah, I took Jan home from the bar last night. We go to her house and it was a straight business meeting. I don't even think we kissed. I was back at the club in an hour, and I think I lost a sock.
by dmalanowski January 07, 2010
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(n) The action of taking a shit, taking a dump, making a poopie
I am going to be late to work today. I have a very big business meeting to attend to before I leave.
by DC Drew June 29, 2006
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Passing around a large amount of hard liquor (typically a fifth or a full handle) in a circle or large formation of people, insinuating a "business meeting."
"Dude I just got a handle of Barbarossa, lets have a business meeting."
by pjmerk December 02, 2016
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