133 definition by Jonathan

Someone who craves, and usually gets, attention. Widely considered freaks mushi (not mushus) are a threat to our society. See Carnage Blender
Mushu is acting like an idiot today....let us slap him with a variety of fish
by Jonathan July 07, 2004

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A lazy individual
you're such a pilt
by Jonathan May 02, 2004

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commonly refers to the DESERT EAGLE .50 pistol invented in the 80's by Magnum Research Incorporated.
The DEagle fires a half inch slug that can do serious damage to human body tissue or can puncture armor such as Kevlar.
I need a powerful handgun so I will buy a Desert to smoke them fools at my smoke.
by jonathan May 01, 2004

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real blood killas
i got dem new reeboks (rbk), real blood killas
by Jonathan March 20, 2004

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sound you make if you are happy
ait! Thats funny!
by Jonathan December 10, 2003

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To snap ones teeth at another person.
Jimmy looked at Patty and said "arch".
by Jonathan February 03, 2005

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shit, poop, caca, #2, etc..
Man! That burrito really made me have to go fwah!!!
by Jonathan August 29, 2002

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