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I'm going ot and back
by MS14 May 01, 2016
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The abbreviation for overtime which is code word for having sex. This can be usefull when the boys want to have a conversation in the office without violating HR policies and remain stealthy.
Eric: "Yooo bro how was your weekend!? Put in a lot of OT!?"

Jimmy: "You already know I did brotha!"

Jessica to Sarah: "Jeez Eric and Jimmy are always talking about OT, it's weird though I'm usually here on the weekends and I never see them in the office."
by DannyDimes December 10, 2020
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Im gonna be OT this wkend, but i will definitely hit you when i get back.
by ris October 12, 2004
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Many different uses, most acronyms.

1.- Over Time. Time beyond an established limit, such as in working hours or sports games.
2.- Occupational Therapist/Therapy. The profession or activity of treatment or rehabilitation of physically or emotionally disabled people.
3.- Old Testament. The first of the two main divisions of the Bible, corresponding to the Hebrew Scriptures.
4.- Off Topic. A message board, thread or newsgroup that does not deal with the main topic.
5.- Ot. A word used to replace the number "zero".
6.- Original Trilogy. Used to refer to the original STAR WARS trilogy, as opposed to the prequel trilogy.
1.-"Man, that Packers Eagles game went into double OT!"
2.-"She's studying to become an OT."
3.-"That priest tried to be hip and said 'Please turn to the OT'"
4.-"Cutegirl49, let's go finish this convo in the OT board."
5.-"He was born in 19-Ot-6"
6.-"I like the music and story better in the OT than the PT."
by ScoobyDooku August 30, 2004
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Does NOT mean "zero". The word you are looking for is, "aught".
People who use the word "ot" when they need the word "aught" should be "shaught" with my 30-aught-6.
by devilsreject July 02, 2006
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