someone who uses their skill,talents,or instincts to make a quick buck
A hustler is very ambitious when it comes to their survival.
by Gerard Irick April 13, 2010
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someone who knows how to get money from others. selling drugs,rolling dice,pimpin. your hustlin for that money.
1)yo $10 a gram fool.
2)rolled a seven again, now pay me.
3)yo get over to that street corner bitch and make me some money.
by anonymous November 24, 2004
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A hustler is the way one lives his life. Going out on the streets or wherever making money and working hard for it. A hustler is not lazy he's consistently out earning money. He gets the money by using his smarts and outcunning everyone out there. A hustler has ambition and a more serious approach to life then that of a gangsta or a pimp. Hes more mature, and doesn't neccessarily carry a gun. It can apply to any race, and its the way you uphold and carry yourself.
Eric: Yo 50 cent is a hustler
Jermaine: Definately, not a great rapper but look at the way he hustles those white suburbia kids out of their money
Eric: Damn!
by reeldef5 December 12, 2006
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someone who gets money from selling something.
im a hustler
by dm4398 February 25, 2012
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v. - The act of urination, specifically that of a buck-naked female. Also, an exclamation that one makes when walking in on a woman who is voiding her bladder while in a state of undress. This term is a direct result of Hustler Magazine having grossly over-milked their market interest in photographs which depict this act.
1. Dude, I went to use your bathroom a minute ago and your mom was sitting on the john totally nude! I yelled 'HUSTLER' and got the fuck outta there!

2. my alcoholic neighbor stripped off her swimsuit and drizzled a hustler all over my lawn last night. It's cool though, my garden could probably use the nitrogen. Plus we got some photos!
by Lârry Dângüs, esq. July 2, 2009
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Contrary to popular belief, hustlin typically describes selling yourself for sex, aka prostitution. Where a female who has sex for money is just called a whore, a male who has sex for money is called hustler. Male hustlers are usually found roaming the streets looking to get high, by picking up johns cruising for a piece of male ass.

Gigolos differ with hustlers, as they tend to only have straight sex.

Films that reference hustlers: American Heart, Milk, My Own Private Idaho, Christiane F., Transamerica

A hustler is not something you want to be.
Jeremy was always hustlin his ass on the streets of San Francisco to make a buck until he caught aids and died. He was a true hustler.
by ReformedDrugAddict March 22, 2010
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a gentleman of the night. often used in self reference by absolute badonkadouchelords to mean a badman making money, which is embarrassing cos it really means a rentboy.
G: yo beeyutches imma hustler
me: dude, a hustler is man-whore
G:... aw shit
me: yeah u just called yourself a gigglo
by lloyydd May 16, 2010
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