pregnant. Pregant = Prego = spaghetti sauce.
"OMG did you hear? Elsie is spaghetti sauce!!"
by matt 6 April 28, 2008
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Bloody Diarrhea that looks like spaghetti sauce.
Oh man, I've been on the toilet all day filling it up with spaghetti sauce!
by dr_munch'O'lot December 20, 2005
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Having sex with a female who is having very heavy flow during her period. As skins slap the blood is splattered all up on the man's chest and neck.
I was having sex with my girl while she was on her period and I totally got spaghetti sauced.
by Chaceydubs January 18, 2011
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1: The fusion of a spaghetti sauce dildo attached to the center portions of the Fazoli's tomato mascot.
2: (A crude version)Take a regular chubrock and toss some spaghetti sauce on the flesh colored dildo...bam!, you got yourself a spaghetti sauce chubrock.
"This chubrock could only be topped with a warm serving of spaghetti sauce. Luckily we are here at Fazoli's and have plenty to spare."
by andyfellovernet June 9, 2003
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A Dildo with a screw cap that you fill with Spaghetti Sauce and eat after a good long Masterbation ( be sure to use a straw )
"Hey Kid's The Spaghetti Sause Dildo now comes in all sorts of fun shapes and color! Even Glow in the Dark! So tell your bitch ass mother to call 555-2354"
by Spanky Lou June 16, 2003
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projectile-ass-vomiting liquid shit onto an awful painting
I just spilled spaghetti sauce on this dickhead's piss poor attempt at art
by thesalaminizer September 9, 2020
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andandaanannat a supermarket... you control the guy or the women who runs the rurunurr... brings out the carts ononnonon on a forklift... WHAT HAPPENS?
Have you ever committed a 1.2 billion... so you go ahead and stack spaghetti sauce at a store in real life.
by [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ September 28, 2021
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