from day The start of something new, the begining, the new thing, when someone wants to start something
lets do it from day

man's been on it from day bruvv innit man

Abdul was on dubs from day man iiinnnitt

From day I told you police would catch us on this ride

Inniiiit man you was swagger from day
by absdfans February 10, 2009
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Descriptive of a timeframe, either 24 hours in length or longer, in whence
cattleherding types from Hades shall roam the planet, destroying the earth
with their redneck-like ways. (Kinda like when George W. Bush came into office)
Ye, verily-verily I sayeth unto thee, in the 12th hour of the millenium, so shall the cowboys from hell days begin to commence, and the world will greatly
by Dann August 12, 2004
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July 3rd is the anniversary of all the people who left Invadedlands, whether because of the drama or because it was toxic.
"Happy Free From Invaded Day, Paul!"
"You too! Can't believe it's been a year."
by lolmynameisfred7 July 3, 2021
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lytchett matravers term referring to something that happened along time ago. Comes from the pantera album 'cowboys from hell' which is old skool'. From the beneath the remains days (sepultura) can also be used
that t shirt is so old. its from the cowboys from hell days
by will March 8, 2004
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You have to hug someone from behind and while you hug them you have to grab their ass.
Bro 1: That girl is thick

Bro 2: go hug her it’s National hug from behind day.
by Unknownunicorny April 17, 2019
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Hug your boyfriend/girlfriend from behind and make them feel loved
“National hugs from behind day is my favorite day!”
by Lacnicpat2002 October 21, 2019
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