cooking without any ingredients mixed before buying them, but rather buying each ingredient individually
How do I make a banana cream pie from scratch?
by evoldfield May 27, 2006
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Linux from scratch is a way of trolling new Linux users into wasting thier time with compiling useless compilers to compile other useless compilers to compile neofetch which doesn't even display a custom ascii logo because your useless distribution doesn't have one so all of that doesn't even lead to you getting any karma over on r/unixporn.
WHOHOO I finally managed to get into a tty and now I'm gonna go over and tell everyone i use Linux from scratch, wait i forgot to install X important system utility and have to start over NOOOO
by Zsh4 January 9, 2022
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When one scratches their butt or other filthy body parts and proceeds to prepare food without washing.
Timmy: “Mommy? What’s for dinner?”
Mommy: “Ask your Dad dear. He just scratched his nuts and is now pressing some meat patties, so apparently something made from scratch.”

Timmy: “Looks like we’re in for a real treat!”
by Chili2 September 9, 2019
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a linux installation meant as a teaching tool with no package manager lmao
who even uses linux from scratch
by linuxboy June 24, 2021
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People (usually over 50 who didn't grow up with microwaves and who have spent more years not working than actually working, so they have loads of time on their hands;) looking down their nose at people who don't bake their own bread, make their own jam, make their own pastry, and spend 3 hours a day, chopping and peeling and cooking every last morsel from scratch.

Many of these pseudo-intellectuals claim to even 'grow' their own foods; fruit, veg and grain, etc etc, and they scoff at people who buy frozen veg, and lecture them fervently on how much better 'fresh' is. And they name anyone who uses ready meals as chavs or lazy or somehow sub-intelligent.
Who the hell does Sylvia think she is, having a go at me for giving my kids microwave toad-in-the-whole. She is such a cook-from-scratch snob.
by justakidatheart March 8, 2013
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From the beginning
You have to let (name) know from the scratch if you fucks with them.
I could tell from the scratch she only wanted some dick.
From the scratch she had him pussywhipped.
by Da Avatar October 31, 2019
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