The callsign for the cool, collected, only black pilot in the movie Top Gun.
by Sundown May 7, 2003
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Sundowning is a term used to describe a decline in cognitive abilities toward the late afternoon or evening. It is a common pattern in senile dementia.
Poor Grandma tends towards sundowning around dusk; she's fairly alert in the morning but gets more confused in the evening.
by Cranberry Bob January 14, 2020
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Big ass guy with 6 shields equipped with 2 blades that can be made into a scrissor blade
by Akari_1457 September 23, 2021
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Big bald guy has 6 shields on his back and 2 blades for him to use, could also use to make into one scrissor blade, this boss fight is pretty tought though...
by Akari_1457 September 30, 2021
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someone who is negatively affected by the sun going down. often refers to people with Alzheimer disease or other mental illnesses losing control at night.
"you could have warned me that old lady was a sundowner! 7pm hits and she starts trying to lick all the nurses"
"i'm ok during the day but as soon as night hits i feel crazy and horrible. i'm such a sundowner"
by spiritussancto May 10, 2010
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