1. The 'holder' or controller of a political smoking gun
2. A vigilante
3. A rap artist from the group "Gunslingers"
4. A hero of the old west (or Gilead in the case of Stephen King's 'The Gunslinger')with legendary skills in dueling
1. The true story leaked out via an anonymous gunslinger, who also implied that the incident had connections to the Skull and Bones society of Yale.
2. The cops showed up, but the gunslinger had already tied up the perpetrators.
3. That gunslinger Marked Soldier got some dope shit to spit.
4. "To me, Gunslingers!" -Roland Deschain, Just about every Dark Tower book after The Gunslinger
by Casey Goodingham October 28, 2005
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A gunslinger is someone who is amazing on their instrument, but not in a robotic way (like steve vai). A gunslinger has a natural affinity for their instrument and plays with lots of feeling. Most of their songs build up to ragged, improvised solos. Usually they can't read music and they're not very polished because they taught themselves. Even though they can't play the same thing twice, they stand as the kings of their instrument. They usually build their legend around live concerts. They carry a metaphorical gun, hence gunslinger.
The first gunslinger was Charlie Parker, and the quintessential/most famous gunslinger is Jimi Hendrix. The song Johnny B. goode is about a gunslinger
by penis2.0 August 29, 2008
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Texas prison term for someone who masturbates often & usually in front of female guards.
"My new cellmate is a gunslinger. He's gonna pull it off if he doesn't slow down."
by AlstottsNo1Fan November 5, 2007
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an armed criminal( from a broad term referencing the old west, sometimes used for bandits and outlaws)
Stay away from that gunslinger.
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Someone who plays the electric Guitar,

usually the guitarist is in a metal band
Shane is our new gunslinger, for he is insane with his guitar skills.
by Dustin the man September 26, 2006
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One who has been through formal gunslinger training and was sent East. This pertains to Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series.
"Hile, gunslinger"

"Pardon your cry, gunslinger"
by Carmiszeke August 25, 2005
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A sexual position for a foursome where one man, serving as the outlaw, raises his finger guns in triumph, pleasuring ladies with each. He dawns a distraught and aggressive look on his face, and his wild tongue serves as the tool for the fourth lady. There is also a horse-riding option, making The Gunslinger a fivesome position as well.
Man, The Gunslinger was crazy last night.
by CJ TIE January 5, 2011
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