47 definition by Jon64Bailey

Aussie Slang to casually chuck or throw small stones or rocks
The boys were piffen yonnies at birds over the riverbank.
by Jon64Bailey January 09, 2008

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1. a cowboy, farmer or any male rustic 2. anything of cowboy culture as a western film or country-western song

The adjective is "shitkicking" or "shitkickin'" as shitkickin' boots or shitkickin' song.
The shitkickers all drive rusty old trucks in this part of town.
by Jon64Bailey March 03, 2008

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(noun) 1. a man, or sometimes a boy, who tends or herds beef cattle or works on a beef ranch; COWMAN; COWHAND 2. Americanism, Colloquial any man or boy who wears the typical garb like that of a cowboy Sense 1 as in play or fashion 3. American slang a male person regarded as simple, rustic, idealistic, uneducated, crude, unsophisticated, wild, and/or reckless, also, a man who is a reckless car or truck driver 4. Americanism any male character in western pictures or novels who acts or dresses like a cowboys as a gunslinger, sheriff, train robbers, etc. in the old American west 5. American slang something regarded as western in culture as a book or film as “I have fifteen war films and fifty cowboys in my video collection.”
(adj) 1. like, of, or pertaining to cowboys and/or American western culture as a cowboy hat, a cowboy gun, or a cowboy movie 2. American slang shoddy, ad hoc or inferior in workmanship or quality as cowboy coffee or cowboy wiring
(vi) to do the work of cowboys; tend or herd beef cattle
-cowboy up American slang be a man; act as a genuine male; face a difficult challenge or task at hand
The cowboys rode sunup until sundown with grit teeth!!
by Jon64Bailey January 13, 2009

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male pubic hair (since BUSH is considered by some to only pertain the the female)
My boyfriend has a beautiful, sexy hairy manbush.
by Jon64Bailey October 20, 2011

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Americanism a game by which boys dress as and act like cowboys and/or American Indians as in play
Young American boys have played cowboys-and-Indians from day one.
by Jon64Bailey January 13, 2009

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diarrhea, especially when chronic or frequent: the 'shits', in other words
The rotten chili I ate at Don's Diner last night gave me the drizzling shits all morning long!!
by Jon64Bailey May 24, 2008

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a game that simulates baseball, except the pitcher throws the ball underhand (bowling style) to the kicker at the plate, not batsman, to attempt to kick the ball fair to advance to bases or advance runners: the fielders catch and throw the ball (rubber ball about 10-12 inches in diameter) barehanded (w/out gloves): the game should be played on blacktop
John scored 5 home runs in kickball this week.
by Jon64Bailey January 10, 2008

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