1- A fancier way to spell shop
2- Old timey way to spell shop

In modern times, indicates a fancier, more expensive shop.
The coffee shoppe, where you can buy EVEN MORE expensive coffee!


Ye olde coffee shoppe, henceforth thou shalt come hitherith frequently.
by TheFizzWurt April 1, 2012
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a highly obnoxious, forced anglicization of the word "shops." this alteration of the aforementioned, socially acceptable word ("shops") is prevalent in tourist traps and other kitschy locations (i.e. pennsylvania). intended to sound homey and old fashioned, this vernacular does not mesh well with the 21st century. note: this verbiage seems to be a favorite of the QVC crowd.
"Let's go to Lancaster County, PA, and visit the Shoppes. Perhaps we can find some *priceless* antiques or some new Anne Geddes photo albums!"
by unmoutonsvp January 5, 2006
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A really gay name for a shop. People use it to make it sound old timey, but it just sounds really really gay.
Let's go and buy some candy beans at the candy shoppe!! O what fun we will have going to the candy shoppe!! Huzzah!
by W SPOT October 28, 2006
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Shoppe (Shop), The act of Photoshopping someones picture to make them look rediculously funny, or seriously gay. Most of the time, people who "Shoppe" are generally douches with a bit of freetime, and of course, Photoshop skills.
"I thought that was funny how you Shoppe'd Panchos face to where it had that one girls pink hair from that show Lazy town. He looks... rediculously gay." ~Random Emo-space user.
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"If Janelle has a few more Cosmos, I might be going to the 'ol Pop Shoppe later."

"No honeymoon is complete without a trip to the Pop Shoppe."

"It's my birthday and I pray to god the Pop Shoppe is open tonight!"
by Mr. Softey January 23, 2009
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A location or vehicle utilized for the smoking of marijuana with openings as to not let the smoke escape (common smoking practice known as baking). Blunts are preferred as to the fact they produce the most smoke.
A bake shoppe was in session in that Buick Century we passed at the intersection.
by Bluntmaster2.0 March 25, 2010
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The most emblematic vaporwave album made by Macintosh Plus (aka Vektroid). It was released in 2011. Actually the second song (Lisa Frank 420/Modern Computing) was memed to death.
Person 1: I'm gonna play Floral Shoppe
Person 2: Oh that album is a e s t h e t i c
by a e s t h e t i c u s e r March 15, 2019
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