97 definition by Jerry

Enigma child(perhaps? we really aren't sure of his age, he's said he's everything from 16 to 23) who posts on every punk net zine known to man, bullshits everything he says, and plagiarizes other people's works. (such as stealing reviews from one site and submitting them to another as his own.) Probably does all of this for attention. His mother must not have let him suck on her nipple long enough as a child. Chadwick, I hope you burn in hell.
Audioboxers listens to shitty music and needs to die.
by Jerry December 02, 2003

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being or coming from the plant bob wan
i am bobwan what did you say
by jerry October 23, 2003

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(v) To pass intestinal gases
Phew! Who burped the milk dud in here!
by Jerry July 14, 2003

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hottest, biggest boobs, roundest butt in the whole world
she is macarity jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
by Jerry February 22, 2005

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Geek Maltese enthusiast interested in compiling daily kernel snapshots and installing Gentoo
by Jerry September 04, 2003

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Scub - the combination of scab and scrub. if one contains both qualities of being a scab and a scrub at any time, they are then classified as a scub.
You see a 19yr old Driving around in a pink mustang with his 14year old girlfirend. He could be classified as a scrub for driving around in a pink mustang, or a scab for being 19 and having a 14 year old girlfriend. But scub is the correct term beacuse it fits the situation entierly.

Ex. Look at that scub, Man i scubbed out on that test. He smells like a scub
by Jerry December 22, 2004

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To chew tiny bite marks all around the anus of your lover.
After Chad got through seigning Wynell, he proceded to give her a ferocious garfeild!
by Jerry July 17, 2003

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