97 definition by Jerry

The temporary and recurrent state of when a person has a morgasm which results in ejaculation of semen with morganism poop and pus. Morganaria usually insinuates negativity, and usually represents a state also of biological/hygiene mayhem.
Under the bells of Notre Dame, the boy laid in disgust of five minutes past morganaria.
by Jerry July 15, 2003

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Acronym: Rolling On Floor Felching A Gerbil-
Term used to express amusment.
I am the bartender!

by Jerry July 14, 2003

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The act of sexually engaging a foot
I saw Chad seining this big pollock's foot.
by Jerry July 13, 2003

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My son's girl friend with whom he has three children
My boy let me fuck her some,please.
by Jerry December 09, 2004

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1. A person of high social and economical status.
2. Clean, tightly, and neat.
3. A very talented European musician, usually who plays the piano.
4. A person who looks down on others, feeling they are inferior due to their social or economical class and/or status.
1. "Bill walked into the bar with the presence of a white glove."
2. "He must be a white glove, his apartment being so clean and all."
3. "Mozart is a perfect example of a white glove from the Renaissance era."
4. "His speech was so snoty that he had to be a white glove."
by Jerry August 20, 2004

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The biggest stud of a Surveillance Agent that ever existed.
WOW that guy is a total Welvis
by Jerry July 17, 2003

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(v) To pass intestinal gases
Phew! Who burped the milk dud in here!
by Jerry July 14, 2003

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