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Usually very good type of hashish from the Indian province of Charas. It has a nice taste to it, and a high concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).
Found in Dutch coffeeshops, eastern Africa and of course India.
"€15,- charas graag"
by Jerry January 26, 2004
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1. To commit suicide.
2. To intentionally be ignored.
1. With all of these weights upon me, I feel like I want to fade to black.
2. Don't mind me. I'll just fade to black.
by Jerry September 07, 2004
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when you are having sex with a girl who fucks fags and there is ass juice coming out of her vagina. but you have to be straight to experience it.
I was fucking her and the fagma between her vagina lips oozed all over my cock.
by Jerry April 14, 2004
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The best rapper ever and he could kick the trash out of ICP and JA RULE
Eminem rips ICP to pieces in his songs and Ja Rule is a Pussy Ass Bitch
by Jerry March 25, 2005
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