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A method of grading, originally instituted by Patrick Moran. It is not based on the 100-point system, but rather on a point per question on a particular assignment, project, or examination. For each incorrect answer, a "point," or letter grade, is taken off of the final grade. For example, a 25/25 would be an A+, a 24/25 would be an A, a 23/25 would be an A-, etc. The grade can go below the normal F standard. The next letter grade after F would be, "G." Usually, it stops there, mainly due to the fact that no one has ever gotten below a "G" grade. The system is rarely used due to its extreme nature, and when used by the teacher, it is only conducted on very rare occasions.
"My teacher believes in Moranism. She told us that it makes us work harder. Now that I got our first test back, I agree with her."
by Jerry August 20, 2004
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used by white people in the same way as dude, chap, old boy, lad and by afro americans referred as 'nigger', 'dog', etc.

(used among friends who mean no disrespect and is found in Afrika by backpackers from several nationalities to call eachother by a common phrase)
"Oi nugguh, skinnin it up are you?"
"Finished that spliff already, now have you nugguh?!"
by Jerry January 14, 2004
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That shine will makes ya' blind!
by Jerry April 7, 2003
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To chew tiny bite marks all around the anus of your lover.
After Chad got through seigning Wynell, he proceded to give her a ferocious garfeild!
by Jerry July 18, 2003
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1. A sun during a solar eclipse.
2. The existence of a sun in negative energy. Such states can only be found in situations such as a supernova.
3. A nuclear weapon.
4. A divine figure that has turned to evil.
1. There was a black hole sun today, just as NASA said.
2. Using my telescope, I could see the black hole sun, as it slowly was obliterated and dissipated throughout the universe.
3. The usage of black hole suns has been minimized due to many peace conferences between nations, in the effort to prevent global apocalypse.
4. Satan is a black hole sun.
by Jerry August 21, 2004
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1. American president from, currently, 2000-2004. Registered as a Republican, he takes the term and twists it until it is barley recognizable. He supports large government, higher taxes, high spending, etc. This is not conservative behavior, but rather that of a liberal. Often blamed by the media, Democrats, and various others as a "neo-Nazi," "village idiot," or "Texas warmonger," he is not that bad of a president. His term has been, obviously, a difficult one, with the 9/11 attacks and the outcome of those attacks. Many Democrats believe that Bush is solely responsible for the 9/11 faulty intelligence, but that is hogwash. The CIA, FBI, and multiple nations, including France, Spain, and Britain, agreed with this intelligence. Also, presidential candidate John Kerry voted for the same intelligence for reasoning for going into war. Likewise, it is not just Bush's fault. The economy is also not Bush's full fault. Current events in the United States, as well as the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, have impacted the economy. Of course, these events were not all caused by President Bush himself, but rather by various others within the system.
2. A political punching bag used by Democrats to make them look better by comparison.
3. Michael Moore's way to make a trillion dollars by doing what has been done so many times before for the last four years.
4. A fake Republican president that is a disgrace to conservatives everywhere.
"George W. Bush is not a Republican, yet he is not a facist like the Democrats have you believe."
by Jerry August 20, 2004
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A term used for masterbation. Coined originally by the Great George Carlin.
When I get home from the strip club, Im gonna choke the sherrif and wait for the posse to come!
by Jerry July 15, 2003
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