97 definitions by Jerry

1. messed up
2. to be killed by the mafia in a hit
1. That kid is so wacked
2. I heard Mario got wacked last night while he was in his house.
by Jerry September 9, 2003
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The biggest stud of a Surveillance Agent that ever existed.
WOW that guy is a total Welvis
by Jerry July 17, 2003
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the spray/splash of a liquid onto a surface, as when opening a carbonated can or when urinating.
Ben's shaken Bud skited onto Bob when he popped the top.


Ben skited all over the toilet seat while urinating the six-pack he had pounded.
by Jerry March 24, 2004
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Similar to "rock out with your cock out", but for girls. To party in exuberant fashion
Hey you want to slam out with your clam out at Metal Gods?
by Jerry October 5, 2004
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That shine will makes ya' blind!
by Jerry April 6, 2003
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One that brews "shine". As in Moon Shine(alcohol from a crude homemade distillery)

Also been used to describe an "African American"
I'm all dry shine brewster, gives me a jus' a swallow.
by Jerry April 6, 2003
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