The ahhh inspiring demi god like beings that administrate cotrol over all that is gaming!
Dont do it! Surveillance will see you!
by Jerry July 15, 2003
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When a surveillance team blatently exposes themselves on purpose, and then dissapears completely, giving a suspect false security.

Based on how dolphins are observed in the ocean...

"now you see us, now you don't"

A sloppy and easy to spot team trails a suspect, gets noticed, and then after awhile, they stop pursuing the suspect. The suspect realizes that the people spying on him have stopped, and then gets a false sense of security.

It would be as if the people tailing you had left you for a picnic. (or so you think...)

But instead of the sloppy team tailing the suspect, a new upscaled professional team moves in to do surveillance, with precision and fixed posts.
Jon: There were two people following us, and they were out of place; not dressed like most people in Manhatten...It is SO obvious that they are following us, i've noticed them twice today...
David: Yes, but now they aren't anywhere to be seen... It's like they dissapeared on us.
Jon: Diana told me about this, it's dolphin surveillance!
by g-diggity May 28, 2008
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High surveillance is a toxic twitch streamer that mainly plays dead by daylight. He is known to be a camper and a tunneler as well as a hacker.
Have you ever watched high surveillance and then wanted to quit dead by daylight?
by Claudette in a bush September 27, 2020
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The scientific process by which the specific genetic coding of infectious agents are systematically evaluated in order to determine shifts in regional infectivity, percentage of disease relative to similar variants and identification novel gene sequences capable of antibody generated vaccine escape as targets for booster immunization.
Are you at all concerned about COVID variants causing a resurgent pandemic?
Are you kidding me? Ain't no virus causin' people sickness. I ain't skeert, no way.
What about genomic surveillance to help identify and track disease transmission?
They can do whatever they want with their own garden gnomes; leave mine out of it!
I see. Thank you very much for the interview Senator.
by YAWA April 21, 2021
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Term that the White House invented in order to sway public opinion on President Bush's illegal wiretapping of American Citezens without court warrants.
Typical Republican: We need the Terrorist Surveillance Program in order to protect our national security.

Republican Hack: Democrats are unpatriotic because they oppose the Terrorist Surveillance Program
by rootgroove February 15, 2006
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The United States - in which all persons are subject to continual observation and monitoring by the government and corporations in all aspects of life; where no piece of information is too private or insignificant for inclusion in the permanent digital record; where all persons are subject to the jurisdiction of secret courts and the arbitrary suspension of constitutional rights. The Surveillance Police State (SPS) is sponsored by the presidential administrations of George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama, the Democrat and Republican parties in Congress, the U.S. judiciary, all government agencies and most large corporations - particularly telecommunication, finance, defense, media and internet companies. Its creation was foretold by numerous literary and cinematic works; and although its actual existence was known since at least 2001, it only received critical attention when brought to light by whistleblower Edward J. Snowden in 2013.
The Surveillance Police State (SPS) is an act of terrorism against United States citizens.
by auropticon July 9, 2013
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When that guy who is watching you through your camera from the van parked outside your bedroom is waiting to diddle you, but everything is made in China and the facial recognition on your end reports you to the government for stalking him.
"I got the password to a girl's computer who I met online and copied all her messages, then realized I can do this with all women. So now I operate an Analytics business and sell the data about their liquor and credit card purchases, what they wear, and who they are with to their exes and the nanny government and their good ol' mass surveillance."
by Anna-Lisa Malone February 12, 2020
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