25 definitions by Jenesis

The obligation to pull one's own trousers down after just having been soundly beaten at a pub game such as pool or darts. Usually only required when one loses without scoring a single point.
Gerald didn't sink a single ball, so had to perform a downtrou in front of everybody.
by Jenesis September 12, 2004
Excellent, brilliant, of good report. Basically means something is so good that it's worth bottling up and keeping.
That new Dream Evil album is a real bottler!
by Jenesis September 12, 2004
1. large hairy animal from late 1970's kid's TV show
2. silly person
1. "The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we."
2. "Don't eat that lightbulb, you womble!"
by Jenesis October 1, 2005
Dirty, smelly or generally unkempt person. One who dodges soap.
"Get out of my cab you filthy soapdodger, you reek."
by Jenesis September 12, 2004
"Nice Kingswood mate. What's the donk?"
"308 V8."
by Jenesis September 12, 2004
Australian nickname for Kawasaki motorcycle brand.
Bevan had a few beers and then took his new Kwaka 500cc out for a ride.
by Jenesis September 9, 2004
Big, dumb individual. An oaf.
"Get the hell outta my saloon, ya redneck galoot!"
by Jenesis September 18, 2004