Thomson is your very favorite person in the world. He is very generous and nice....and nice in bed.
Wow, Thomson was amazing last night
by Sptsptspt March 17, 2015
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A god-like being of enourmous stature, incredible looks, and extreme intellegence. Thomsons are rare, yet well known for their amazing ability to make great things out of nothing; Steven Hawking like intellegence and MacGyver-like mind. Thompsons never quit, and never lose. Thomsons are blessed with the ability to attract many ladies due to his pocket Mastadon. Thomsons have no time for games. Money making is in thier blood, along with gold and THC. If you come across a Thomson:

1) Cover your head because he will blow your mind.

2) Hold on to your woman because she will run to him.

3) Bow down to him, he is superior to you.
Wholly shit Jesus Thomson just turned that water into wine, and now he is leaving with all the extremely hot bitches!
Police: What happened here, there are brains splattered everywhere.

Extremely Hot Blonde: Thomson walked by and blew everyones mind with his good looks and intellegence. I had sex with him and feel reborn!

Police: Who is that guy..... (head explodes)

Extremely Hot Blonde: Thats a Thomson
by Koreans are bad November 4, 2015
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Thomson is your favourite person in the world he's nice and .....,nice in bed Names Thomson would date is Tianna ,Jenny and Anastasia
Thomson has a big dick for his woman
by Thomson1996 April 9, 2017
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Adorable drummer/sometimes guitarist of Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand, formerly in The Yummy Fur and currently half of the DJ outfit Polyester (his wife Ester being the other half). Once supported himself as a life model at the Glasgow School of Art and is reportedly the best hung man in Scotland.
Paul Thomson's drum kit does not have rack toms because they would block the audence's view of him.
by kseda May 7, 2006
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when one has a lot of sexual intercourse in one week
"shit i had so much sex last week! i had a thomson week"
by jayncallum August 23, 2011
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A very beautiful girl both inside and out. She is very sweet and funny. She likes to tell stories with no point, and laughs for long periods of time at her own jokes. She has a contagious smile that can't help but spread to others. she has a big heart and when she cares for you she makes sure you know, shes a nerd but shes also very gullible, she can always cheer you up...... I love her..... shes my aimee xx
aimee thomson is sooo beautiful
by pete jnr October 27, 2013
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Mick Thomson (also called #7)is one of the two guitar players of "Slipknot". He is the second tallest member of the band (the tallest one being the other guitarist, James Root).
His riffs had always been quite simple and no one seemed to take him seriously; however, when he appeared on the "Total Guitar" magazine, he showed some of his exercises which include an extended neoclassical arpeggio. He was also asked to perform a solo and he did it; it is called "too extreme for slipknot" and there are tabs of it all over the internet. He never used to play solos in the songs since "it didn't fit the music style they played".
In the "Vol. 3 The subliminal verses album" he was allowed to solo (and so was Root); also, the guitar riffs on this album happen to be slightly more complex than in the past ones (like in the song "Opium of the people").
He used to play with custom BC Rich guitars which had the word "HATE" across the frets, but now he uses Ibanez with a "SEVEN" written on the frets and he even has his own signature model.
John: Who's your favorite guitar player?
Al: Mick Thomson!! His solo in "welcome" is amazing!!!
by morius June 23, 2006
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