a cigarette, commonly made in indonesia, that emits a pleasant and sweet smelling odor. commonly smoked for it's taste and it's use as an ice breaker at parties/social gatherings. contrary to popular misconception, they do not contain fiberglass. the oil leeched from the ground cloves causes staining of the cigarette paper and frequently causes a crackling sound as its heated while the cigarette is smoked.
hey, is that a clove you're smoking?
by corvus brachyrhynchos July 25, 2003
A type of cigarette with a sweet smelling smoke. Cloves are generally imported from indonesia, the two most prevalant brands being Djarum and Sapoerna. They typically are a harsher smoke then most normal cigarettes, being that they don't contain chemicals that cause them to be "smoother." Cloves are a mix of approx. 60% clove leaf and 40% tobacco. Although many people claim, most research has indicated that cloves are no more harmful then normal cigarettes (the misconception comes from the harsh smoke) and they typically contain fewer chemicals like those found in normal cigarettes (arsenic, cyanide, formaldihyde). Cloves also contain a chemical eugenol that mildly numbs the mouth. They are also known as kretek
Cloves aren't any worse for you then your marbolo's
by msugi October 10, 2005
a type of cigarette smoked by scenesters, hipsters, indie kids, and sometimes, unfortunately, goths.

They are equal in harm if not more harmful than regular cigarettes, the only difference being that ground cloves are mixed in.

She kept smoking my cloves.
by Lyndsey July 5, 2003
Tiny plant bulbs which, when combined with Tom Collins mix and a spare pie-top, create change-of-heart decisions and disgust.
<Homer> You gotta improvise, Lisa! Cloves.. Tom Collins mix... mmm!
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 16, 2003
Cigarettes mixed with ground clove that emit a disgusting dizzying odor, usually smoked by little emo girls at shows.
that girl in the Bright Eyes shirt is smoking cloves like a chimney. what a dumb bitch.
by gunwithoutbullets September 20, 2005
Nasty ass cigarettes that smell like po perie or however the hell its spelled... most commonly found among emo girls and indonesians
"man whats that fucking smell... smells like a fuckin michaels or some kinda craft store"
"that emo bitch is smoking cloves"
"tell her to put that shit out and get a real cigarette"
by jefferycarltonjones October 10, 2007
A type of cigarette made with tobacco and the spice cloves, that makes you feel a little bit high. One clove cigarette is the equivalent of three tobacco cigarettes.
Let's go smoke some cloves, it'll put us in the mood for a joint.
by Dealer Drew July 7, 2004