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A word used by blacks to maintain racial seperation and dwell on events over one hundred years ago.
"You ccaint say nigga cuz you aint black you is white and you great great great grandaddy kept my great great great grandaddy as a slave, so you need to give me yo money, dawg.
by Jeff March 10, 2005
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The true meaning of a "Grunge" band
When comparing grunge music, Nirvana is always the first band to come to mind
by Jeff December 06, 2002
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The word ugly and all associated definitions. (fucking ugly with out using profanity)
That bitch is fugly
by Jeff December 09, 2002
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Air expulsion from the vaginal area usually after sex. In the eighteenth century, it was common practice for small groups of well-to-do Southern women to each lift up their corsets and "queef" at their leisure on warm, summer afternoons. Typically performed on balconies or porches, these women would insert various large objects in their TOOTS and slowly pull them out to create the desired sound. These "porch parties" would provide hours of fun for the ladies while the men were away, and, from a practical standpoint, at times, enough air circulation as a respite from the brutal summer heat. Small wagers were often placed with the winner going to longest continuous queef, highest pitch, lowest pitch, smelliest, and wettest. There was also the queef sing-a-long; and a special prize was given to any women whose queef could attract wildlife.
Annabelle tried to conceal her queef at the governors ball but to no avail.
by Jeff August 24, 2004
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A sad, pathetic little creature who deserves to get his azz kicked by both whites and blacks alike. The typical wigger is a 15 year old white boy in the middle of puberty who has no sense of self, and certainly no self-respect, who embraces the mannerisms and lifestyle of societies worst, the inner city gansta. An odd phenomonon indeed. With role models to look up to such as Vanilla Ice and Eminem, this person will live have a sad, dead-end life.
When Jonny came home for dinner last night, his mother noticed with shock another black eye on her little boys face. Daddy turned to him and said: THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING A WIGGER. NOW EAT YOUR WHITE BREAD AND MACCARONNI.
by Jeff February 11, 2005
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The best Disney movie. Ever.
The Lion King is great.
by Jeff October 14, 2003
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The Godfathers of Rap.
They started it all.
by Jeff August 29, 2004
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