like you're attractive and many people want you. You pull girls/boys.
by Litashell February 20, 2017
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when you are really dumb and try something but you can never talk with people because you arent social
When you try to ask out a girl but you choke, you pulled a hunter.
by brycelol January 11, 2018
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the use of this derives from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" where Danny Devito get's told if he's be treated for chicken pox. he then says "are you pulling my dick bro?"
Dude: "it looks like you got aids from some black hookers in Africa. you need to be on pills for the rest of your life" Dude 1: "are you pulling my dick bro?"
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That’s used for asking if they could hook up with you
“Hey can I pull you?”
Nah That’s kinda sus
by Billybobby997 October 6, 2020
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Giving a chance to someone but later taking it back just because.
Guy #1: yo do you think I can be the president of the club next year?
Guy #2: fo sho brah
Guy #1: cool!

-1 Month Later-

Guy #2: I want my spot back biatch
Guy #1: You just pulled a Jay Leno -_-
by Alapongtai January 20, 2010
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1. Fictional Animal in the original Dr. Doolittle.
2. Bisexual human.
Is that a push me pull you?

You pushed me. Let me pull you!
by DB Gibb March 9, 2006
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When something happens and it makes such little sense that a little kid running up to you and pulling your pants down seems more logical.
Jeff - "Hey Tom, did you hear that billy is going out with your ex?"
Tom - "You gotta be pulling my pants down kid!"
by Ican'tbeleiveitsnotOXYCLEAN November 7, 2009
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