When you’ve already typed in “Urban” and “Urban Urban” and are seeing how far it goes
“It includedUrban Urban”, I wonder if it has “Urban Urban Urban”, let’s see”
by Emachine420 February 10, 2021
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When your in class and get bored of searching up urban on the urban dictionary so you do the only logical thing you can do... search it up twice.
Me: there’s nothing good on the urban dictionary anymore.
Friend: have you tried looking up urban?
Me yeah I’ve done that many times.
Friend: what about urban urban.
Me: your a genius!
by Votednewt August 18, 2020
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I wonder how urban dictionary is defined in the urban dictionary. hmmm. "urban....clicks enter"
by fghjkm April 22, 2017
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Playing in the outdoors in an urban setting - parks, open space, trails, walking between art galleries, museums, and shops; dining al fresco - anything without a ceiling. Just because you live in the city doesn't mean you have to be a couch potato!
Chet - "It's a beautiful day and we're here in town - let's go to some galleries and stuff!"

Kay - "Yeah, let's do some intense urbaneering."
by da Chetster February 28, 2009
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