A bunch of turds floating in the toilet. Especially used to describe a picture of your shit which you send to your friends using your picture phone.
Hey! did you get that school of fish i sent you this morning?
by andre January 21, 2004
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So you're at a proper banger of a party and you've reached the golden stage that sits just between pre-drinks and the 2 a.m kebab smash. You get your hands on a proper fit bird who is very keen and is v down for a bit of in the bush out the back of this house action. So there you are making on and just like to take it down stairs and get 'fishy fingers' (finger punch that slag amirite?) but hold on! This bird seems real down. You're gonna do it. You call out "SCHOOL OF FISH" Your mates come diving through bushes, one falls from a tree, one drops his beer takes a 3-step run up and launches at you. (Just like orphanages, the more the merrier) All your mates come flying towards you with 2 fingers out-stretched and aim for any orifice possible. (works just as well if not better inside)
Laurence: So right there we were, me, tristan, andy 'nando black, radman tasman, connor, and the samuel field, we all like prepped at pre-drinks and by the end of the night we totally School of Fish (SoF), her

Impressed friend: No way dude? How?
Laurence: Totally called it and next thing i know Tristan has launched through the mattress upwards and gone for the asshole, nando black goes straight through the wall and into her ear, radman tasman goes through the window for the ear, connor rips into her other ear as he slams through the door and cheeky sam field tears her a new hole in her neck.
by TAZENCE March 29, 2016
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