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51 definitions by JeBus

to be stupid, foolish and on crack in excess; "foo"ish
That is so mad Roman, foo! You can't talk to the penguins
by JeBus February 27, 2003
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Jebus:Maple Ridge rocks yo boring
by JeBus December 20, 2003
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Once an ordinary man, Sean Connery has attained god-like power from his facial hair. He also makes great action movies.
by JeBus September 10, 2003
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Comment made meaning they want to make babies with you
Is it ok if we dance in here?
by JeBus December 10, 2002
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Fifty year old dog, who kicks more ass than seabass
you makein fun of sNoopy BITCH, ill kill you
by JeBus December 10, 2002
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A crew that were happyy in the begining but now there is a divide. consists of Aiden,Alfie,Josh,Alex(f),lorna,Bexx,Andy,Joe,Frey,Lucy,Hannah R,Hannah C,Pinn (when he comes in),Tasha,Charlie,Katie,Sadly enough elle,Dom,Sarah,Ellie,Ellen,Charlotte,Rahael,Rebecca,Tanya and soon to join..Nick B and maybe Andy Sage.
"Fuck its the Sofa Cru"
"Whos the Sofa Cru?"
"Well they are no KY"
by JeBus May 1, 2004
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