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The token fag of the infamous hacker conference, Defcon. Also known as "Stitch's Boyfriend", or "HizzleWizzle"
Anyone seen our local fag HighWizard?
by Jebus January 16, 2004

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1) A remark of sarcaism/witty expression as to make a joke about the other person/object. ie poke fun at someone - RIDICULE, MOCK
2) A act of having sexual intercourse/relations with another person or persons for fun ( comes from poke and poking )
3) The act of stabbing someone with an object and finding pleasure in it ( comes from poke )
4) The act of stricking/touching a person without much force usually very quickly especially repeatedly and with cause not pain to the person while both poeple find it funny ie a form of flirting ( comes from poking )
1) Hey man I was only poking some fun at you no offence.
2) I was poking fun with this girl last night. ie. something that 4) leads up to.
3) Man I love poking fun at people with my blade, I get Off on it.
4) man last night me and this girl was poking fun at eachother and then there was some more poking fun ;)
by JeBus February 16, 2004

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DDR Slang: A homemade or bought pad to be used at home, but is of a higher quality than most others in the market. Often made of metal, wood, hard plastics and plexiglass, they are highly prefered over soft pads; cheaply made mats made up of multiple layers of soft rubber or plastic sheets.
My new Cobalt Flux is one great Hard Pad.
by Jebus December 08, 2003

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a place where one PARKS their automobile...often confused with PARKway
I'm going to park my car in your driveway
by Jebus July 04, 2003

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Very good. Pleasing. The best.
"You like my new pants?"
"Very Shiggity!"
by Jebus June 02, 2003

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Comment made meaning they want to make babies with you
Is it ok if we dance in here?
by Jebus December 10, 2002

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A very prestigious and finer quality aftermarket grip for a golf club, distributed by Golf Pride Corporation. It has a signature soft feel to it, making it far superior to other grips on the market. Also, in a pinch, makes a dandy makeshift dildo.
The Golf Pride Tour Wraps have dramatically improved my game. And I use an extra one to slam into Katie when I can’t get it up!
by Jebus April 13, 2005

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