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To clothe with flesh.

Embodied with flesh.
Humans are incarnated beings.
by LarstaiT November 07, 2003
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A type of soul in the form of flesh; a being. Sometimes referred to a special type of person, because of his/her soul.

To clothe in flesh, to put the soul in a being.
"This one chick I know is angel incarnate. ^_^ "

"Incarnate him."
by Dave March 26, 2004
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humans that are born with a connection to a spirit, a demon, or even a god. Through this connection the incarnate can gain the “being’s” powers, abilities, even their weapons or companions (aka pets) if they have them.

note: the connection between the "being" and the human are the only form of relation they have with each other
i am Incarnate of the god of war Aries, there are incarnates in the city
by 5waydragon October 30, 2018
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