After tucking your penis backwards behind your ass, your girlfriend deep throats it and proceeds to insert her nose in your ass. AKA respirator.
That bitch thought she was hot shit until I put her on life support last night.
by bobbyj August 10, 2006
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A state in which a person has gotten so little sleep that they must rely on a constant intake of caffeine to stay awake.
by vivajobama December 23, 2010
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When only one person is attempting to keep a conversation alive. Almost the equivalent of a having a conversation with yourself.

A one-sided conversation.

Typically occurs online.
Jake messages girl on myspace/facebook/random dating website:

Jake: Hi, what's your name?
Girl: Jamie
Jake: So where do you work?
Girl: McDonald's
Jake: What do you plan to be when you grow up?
Girl: Dancer
Jake: What kind of dancer?
Girl: Ballet, i g2g

** Note that the girl only gives one word responses and offers no questions in return. This is a perfect example of Conversational Life Support. Of course, in the end the conversation died rather abruptly, despite Jake's attempts to keep it alive.
by Bart Pimpson June 29, 2009
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A male with barely enough brain function to pump blood to keep his penis alive.
A means of transportation for an erection .
A very stupid male who's only reason for existing is to knock up bimbos.
A porn actor.
Kevin Federline.
Sally: " Did you hear? Susie got knocked up!"
Betty: " Which one of her brain dead dick life support boyfriends did it?"
Sally: " The one that looks like Kfed."
Betty: " It is amazing he can muster the brain power to get an erection."
by jsd9632 January 7, 2012
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in new york it's a paramedic (EMT-P) or Critical care tec (EMT-CC) the abbreviation is ALS and it can also mean

Ain't Lifting Shit
thats y i have EMT's and i went for my Advanced Life Support
by emt121 December 21, 2009
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Any kiniving bitch, ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, spouse visa fraud or general whore.
If you weren't a life support system for a cunt, you wouldn't have a friend in the world.
by psychopath9 May 1, 2009
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A woman. That's about it. A woman.
I love women. Without them, pussies couldn't live. They are basically just pussy life support systems. Okay, some of them can cook, too.
by Bobo Debauchery February 13, 2006
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